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The Havanese is the National Dog of Cuba. Although a relativity new to AKC, the Havanese is quite an old breed. They are beloved as a friendly, playful, alert and intelligent Toy dog with a mischievous expression.  They are a small study dog of many colors and marking patterns.  A moderately boned but not fragile dog, the acceptable size range is from 8.5 or 11.5 inches long.  the untrimmed long, soft, wavy coat may be brushed or corded.  The springy gait sets the Havanese apart from all other breeds.  They are generally healthy long lived dogs. Many reach to the age of 14-16 years. To make sure your puppy is healthy schedule an appointment with a vet as soon as you get  them home. 


Basic obedience training will teach skills you will use on a daily basis.  The time you spend in training, especially during the first years of your puppies life will be repaid by giving you a well-behaved companion that is bonded to you and your family for the rest of its life.  

Today Havanese are seen in many areas of dog activities and competitions that are sanctioned by the AKC.  Havanese excel in all levels of competition in Obedience,  The Havanese are happy little athletes and loyal family companions.  As therapy dogs, they bring smiles to faces in hospitals, nursing home around the county. 


Weekly grooming will generally keep your Havanese from matting, although you will find that your puppy will need daily brushing as he goes through changes from puppy to adult coat.  To make your grooming session a pleasant experience use a good pin brush and take your time.  

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